Gwen Stefani is a Libra sun sign, and her sun is accompanied by Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter in Libra as well. Libras like to make for fairness and balance in all that they do, particularly relationships. However the ruling planet of Libra is Venus, and Gwen has her Venus in next-door Virgo, which is where that planet is disadvantaged and in its detriment. Venus in Virgo types tend to express their love through being useful and serving, so in Gwen’s case, maybe she is seeking relationships with a practical basis, particularly after her recent break-up. With Saturn now putting pressure on her Venus, she might find she’s attracting several relationship problems to be solved, whilst at the same time demanding some high standards. However you’d wouldn’t necessarily see any of that in her wild pop career, when out in public, she’s about constant improvement and getting it right.

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