Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has his Sun in Taurus and his Moon (and Jupiter) in Capricorn which are both ‘earth’ element Zodiac signs, so his choice of name suits him very well. Earth element people tend to be very pragmatic, methodical, grounded and stable; traits which have helped The Rock establish himself first in the world of wrestling, and now as a major Hollywood action film star. His friends are quoted as saying, no-one comes closer to the pinnacle of success than the Rock does, he’s more successful than anyone else.

In the next few months ahead, his social and chatty Venus and mars in Gemini are being pressurized by Saturn, so it would be advisable for him not to get involved in any shady backroom dealings. However on the bright side, Jupiter is crossing his ascendant, which will help him to present himself in ever-expanding situations, possibly even a new role.

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