David Beckham is a Taurus Sun sign known for their appreciation of all things material, as well as their ability to produce, sustain, stabilize and be cautious. Looking at his chart reveals several big changes coming up in the next 18 months. Firstly Saturn is opposing his Venus, planet of relating, so Saturn will probably make very real any relationship challenges he’s facing with Victoria, August and the beginning of September are highlighted for this. As this is going on, he is likely to start to feel an awakening in the area of his career and vocation, as disrupting planet Uranus squares his Midheaven point. This is likely to make him want to move house, move country, or move somewhere different and even surprising.  As this happens Uranus is also pushing on his Moon in Capricorn, which is likely to see him finally accept that he should be more authoritarian and hierarchical in his life. From looking at his chart I would like to predict that he will finally take the steps into football management and become a highly sought after and top-class team manager. The competition to hire him amongst the world’s best teams will be fierce, so he will be able to cherry-pick at his leisure, and furnish his bank account accordingly (as all Taureans tend to be good at doing).

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