Charlie Hunnam is an Aries Sun sign, known for their energy and directness, along with a strong sense of individuality. Being very adventurous and enthusiastic, it’s no surprise that he has found his niche as an action hero, especially as he also has fiery Mars in dramatic and demonstrative Leo, trining harmoniously his Aries Sun. He also has his Moon in airy Aquarius which makes him detached, intuitive and inventive and most likely full of ideas. Socially he is lucky with friendly Venus in airy Gemini which will make him popular and flirtatious, very much the social butterfly. Looking ahead to the next year, he might well be looking deeply into his early relationship with his father and family, and wondering how that has helped him reach for his ambitions and success. This will be further exacerbated when Pluto squares his Aries sun over the next 18 months.

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