Carrie Underwood has her sun in Pisces and Pisceans are known for their creative energy expressed sensitively and inspirationally, as well as often radiating a healing and compassionate spirit toward all that suffer. But why aren’t all Pisceans mega stars through their creative talents? The answer is found in the fixed stars found scattered throughout the zodiac constellations, and if a person happens to have a natal planet precisely in alignment with a ‘benefic ‘star, then their fortunes are often blessed. In Carrie’s case, she has her Sun aligned with Fum-Al-Samakah, the star in the mouth of the fish. This lucky star transmits a creative impulse, connecting heaven with earth. It contains great power and wisdom and is considered to be ‘given from above’. When Carrie was discovered in 2005, she had some very lucky transits that also activated Sun on that star for her, and now almost 12 years later, she has released five acclaimed albums and sold 85 million records. She also has a Uranus/Jupiter conjunction on Antares, another very powerful star in Sagittarius. With all these stars influencing her personality, then her destiny finding success was guaranteed.

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