Barack Obama is a proud Leo the lion sun sign, known for their confident, broad-minded and organized approach to life. Leo’s are also magnanimous, entertaining, loyal and trusting, qualities that were seen by the world in his eight year tenure of the White House (which is why he is so missed now, because he filled the throne, like a lion, very well). With Jupiter sailing through his 9th house of travel this year, it’s the perfect time for him to relax and enjoy time out (he is very likely writing a book as well) but in September/October 2018, expect to see him back in the limelight again and taking on a different public position, as Jupiter crosses his Midheaven point of career.

The eclipse that is due to happen on August 21st is in his 7th house of marriage, partnerships (including business partners) and is conjuncting his North node of destiny. Essentially this could mean he meets someone who changes his life, or quite possibly Michelle does something that changes the direction they are going in. The 7th house is also the house of open enemies and it could also mean Donald Trump might still be very keen to try and blame him for something!

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