Donald Trump is a Gemini Sun sign, which is an air sign of communication, and, being the sign of the twins, can sometimes display somewhat of a dual nature. Unfortunately Donald has that dual nature very clearly pronounced in his horoscope, and so the rest of the world has to cope with his lying and double-dealings. Donald was born on a full moon eclipse, when the sun was in Gemini and the moon in Sagittarius in opposition to each other. This zodiac axis is known as the ‘information’ axis, as Gemini likes the basic facts and Sagittarius likes the bigger all-encompassing picture. So every time he opens his mouth, he is at once conflicted by trying to get his points across in an over-expanded fashion- which to most people sounds like gobbledegook. More so than that, Donald also has a packed 12th house of secrets and hidden matters. Gradually all this is coming to light and it’s going to be extremely uncomfortable for him when the eventual truth is revealed to the world. He might even get convicted in the future. Right now though, the next biggest thing coming up for him is the August 21st Solar Eclipse which is visible right across the United States. This eclipse is exactly on his ascendant of his chart, a very important place for the POTUS and interpreted in astrology as the point from where ‘things start from’. The ascendant also rules the body, and it could be that his health gives way either soon before or after this date. Considering all the mess he is already in, whilst trying to hold his office down, a health problem could be a blessing in disguise, as early retirement and a quick departure from the public eye, might help to save his skin.

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