Melania Trump has a Taurus Sun sign, and Taureans are known for their patience and determination, valuing stability and possessions and dislike upheaval and being rushed. As well as the Sun, she also has Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Taurus which further enhances her talent for accumulation and love of money, comfort and security. Having the planet Saturn alongside her Sun and Venus tends to make her attracted to older and more authoritarian men, hence her marriage to Donald Trump. Many people have noted how she looks miserable when with the POTUS but it is worth noting in her horoscope she also has her Venus (planet of relating) and Mars (planet of desire) in opposition to Neptune (the planet of delusion and deception)! The heavily weighted stellium of planets in Taurus tends to indicate that as long as she can indulge her senses in luxury, she’s mostly content. It also happens that Pluto, planet of dominance and power is also trining (in harmony with) her Taurus planets and this is also empowering her at a transformatively deep and subconscious level over the next few years.

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