Dakota Johnson’s Horoscope 10/4/84: Dakota is a Libra Sun sign, known for their refined, reflective and cultured view on life. Libras are also known for their aesthetic considerations and artistic sensitivity which particularly applies to Dakota’s acting career. Her Sun in Libra has several challenging planets linked to it, which on the one hand give her the motivation to succeed and be ambitious, but on the other hand she struggles just to ‘be herself’ and not be troubled over having to fight battles for anyone else. Over the last couple of years she might have found herself drawn towards a group or association to which she has applied some sort of ‘spiritual value’. What she is actually looking for is a need for excitement, new experience, and some good laughs because she can get easily bored. The trouble is it could have turned into something else, and behind the scenes, she’s learning about that, with a particular peak occurring around November 2015. In the meantime, she will keep forging ahead with her career, and with Pluto soon to cross her ascendant, she will soon approach the world in a whole new way – much wiser and insightful after a potent transformative regeneration.

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