Zooey is a Capricorn sun sign, known for their resourcefulness, self-discipline and perseverance. She has well-defined skills in acting and musicianship, and she consistently works at developing them successfully. She has just recently announced she will become a mother in 2015, which will change her path quite noticeably. With Saturn now in Sagittarius and making a square aspect to her Venus in Pisces, then we can also expect the sound of wedding bells soon. The hard work she put into her career in 2014 is paying off now, as she has two films in post-production. Even though she will soon be rushed off her feet with motherhood, she will no doubt be already planning on keeping her public persona and career path intact and with this in mind she might find character voice overs (in animation) a useful direction to follow over the next few years, as the planet Uranus transits her 3rd house of communications. Above all, Capricorns have a need for responsibility and respect (especially as she has Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ascendant in earthy Capricorn) and is known as an unshakeable realist as she ambitiously climbs her own mountain.

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