Sofia has a Cancer the crab Sun sign, indicating home and family life is a top priority in her life. Interestingly, she stars in the TV show ‘Modern Family,’ as Cancers like to have a sense of emotional safety and security in order to express themselves fully. She has the planet of communications Mercury in confident Leo, a very nice placement for an actress. Her planet of love, Venus, is in Gemini conjunct Saturn, which shows her relationships require certain rules and disciplines to be successful; this planetary pairing brings light to her early 2-year marriage with her childhood sweetheart over 20 years ago. Looking ahead and powerful planet Pluto is lining up to oppose her sun and moon in 2015-2017. It’s already started as shown by her evident success but she needs to pay attention to the surprising planet Uranus, which in 2015 is likely to stir up some sudden chaos in her life, and she will need to navigate her ship through potential scandals and challenging changes before sailing back into quieter waters again.

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