Scarlett is a Sagittarius sun sign, known for their wide-ranging interests as well as their faith and optimism. However tucked away behind her honest and open appearance she has the moon in Scorpio, known for intense and deep emotions, which in Scarlett’s case adds to passion to her acting and an alluring sex appeal. With the planet Saturn travelling through Scorpio and meeting with her moon recently, 2014 has become the year she started motherhood, as the Moon is the family. Saturn has also been going through in her natal 12th house, which often signifies controversy, and her product endorsement of Soda stream earlier in 2014 certainly supplied plenty of that. Soon Saturn will conjunct her Sun in Sagittarius and as this sign is a traveller, she might well find herself exploring and working more with French culture and in Paris, as that is where her husband is from.

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