Rosamund is an Aquarius sun sign, known for their originality and independence, as well as their quirkiness and companionability. Mars, planet of action, has conjunct her sun in Aquarius, which shows strong ambitions and a dominating streak. She also has her moon in Capricorn, which indicates a need for position and status, so it is not surprising to see her reaching for the top in her acting career. However, Aquarians are humanitarians at heart, and also very concerned with their friends, so she is most likely very helpful towards those who ask her. She has planet of love Venus conjunct with the dreamer Neptune in Sagittarius, which denotes a romantic and also indicates her choice of partner, 20 years her senior, with whom she has just had her second child. Over the next couple of years, Saturn in Sagittarius will contact her Venus and this will most likely seal her relationship with her partner in marriage.

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