Robert is a Taurus sun sign, known for their patience, reliability, cautiousness and practicality. They are also trustworthy, affectionate and warm-hearted. He has Venus in Gemini, which makes him popular, witty and socially skilled – all very useful attributes for a globally recognized film star. Currently, the planet of luck and opportunity, Jupiter, is crossing his ascendant and therefore his general approach, appearance and luck around relationships is highlighted with maybe a new love attraction. He is a very sensitive type with his moon in Cancer the crab, but he also has an exalted Mars in his house of relationships, which indicates much power and energy generated through a partner, but sometimes with possible dominance, issues around assertion and a need to be in control. This Mars is going to start to play more of a role into 2015 and beyond when it is aspected by both Uranus and Pluto, bringing his relationship(s) strongly into the limelight.

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