Reese has an Aries sun sign, which tends to make her courageous, impulsive, self-conscious and not afraid to do things head first. Next to her Sun, she has the personal planets Mercury (mind and communication) and Venus (love, relationship and values) in watery and emotional Pisces, which have helped her become a successful actress. With fantasy-based Neptune currently in Pisces and soon to make contact to her Venus, then she might well experience some changes and shifts to her ways of relating to others. As Neptune is the planet that rules films, and Venus rules her career point, then her acting work is likely to get even more successful over the next couple of years (the academy nomination for ‘Wild’ was just the beginning). But, in her private life, there may be things going on that could be considered delusional or deceitful. Things could get messy through, for example, drugs or alcohol, possibly connected to a relationship in which she’s too trusting. She could be wearing ‘rose-coloured spectacles’ as she views a significant other in her life, which has financial consequences involving a loss of resources. However, she’s so busy being successful she doesn’t notice until after it’s happened.

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