The world is still welcoming the newest member of the Windsor dynasty born in London last Monday. This must be a particularly special time for Prince William, as he might be wishing to see some of his late mother in his new son, and his horoscope does indeed hold similarities. Prince George is a Cancerian and Princess Diana and William are also Cancerian, so the same sun sign continues to be held through three generations. Prince George also has a Capricorn moon. The moon placement indicates the mother and he and Princess Kate have a Capricorn Sun, so strong family ties run very clearly through his horoscope. Many people were betting that the Prince would be born a Leo; a fire sign of royalty, but his birth placed the sun at the last degree of Cancer. This, along with the other three planets in Cancer (Mercury, Mars and Jupiter) makes him very influenced by the water element, which is about emotions, sensitivity and feelings. Cancers are also known for family, roots, foundations and the past, so his ancestry plays an important part in his upbringing. His four Cancer planets are placed in the secretive and mysterious 8th house of his chart, which tends to indicate that he will see many changes in his life, some of which could be traumatically turbulent in what is a constantly modernizing world. As he grows up and finds himself in the public eye more and more, he might well have to be ‘in the right mood’ to face people first, so he is likely to be an intensely private person whenever he can. In his younger years, he may even enjoy hiding away on purpose (like curling up into a shell). Overall, his sensitivity dominates the chart and he is someone who will be very inward and receptive rather than outgoing and gregarious. As he grows up, he will probably be an animal lover and countryside lover, preferring the company of family members rather than anyone else. Here’s wishing the Cambridge’s the best of luck with their firstborn son and the future king of England!

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