Megan is a sun sign Taurus, known for their patience and determination along with an ability to build slowly, steadily and effectively whatever they choose to do. Megan is also blessed with a Sun trine Mars aspect in her natal chart, where Mars is strongly ‘exalted’ in Capricorn, meaning her vitality, self-confidence and willpower is enhanced and boosted and she is able to plan actions efficiently and purposefully. This is a very ‘action role’ aspect for a female actress, which is why she has found herself in the ‘Transformers’ films. Her working focus through 2014/15 is on home and family life, as Saturn is currently in her fourth house, and she might find her career and professional decisions could be delayed (emphasis on June and late August), as Saturn opposes her natal Mercury and again in mid-November when Saturn opposes her natal sun. Going through this motherhood stage will ensure that she’ll return with even more determination and success than before.

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