Matt is a Libra sun sign, which are known for their ability to bring harmony and balance because they see both sides to anything. Matt has his Sun in the ninth house of his chart, which shows he has well defined faith and beliefs in good causes and is an advocate for fair justice for all. His Sun is conjunct eccentric and somewhat rebellious in Uranus, further indicating that he has something unique to offer to the world and may feel strongly about freedom. Into 2014 and 2015, his Sun is transited by the powerful and slow moving planets Uranus and Pluto, and this will be when he totally changes his life around and maybe want to be recognized for something different from film acting, such as developing his skills in producing and directing. It could also be he changes his identity to such an extent that he might become an ambassador or politician, having even more interaction with foreign destinations and partnerships set up all over the globe. Saturn is currently transiting his house of career and public image, which most likely prompted his recent move from New York to Los Angeles, so that he could concentrate more on his working life. However, he is about to have his Saturn opposition Saturn (January – April 2014), so settling into his new home life might be more challenging than he expected and he might well be challenged by stuff from his past associated with his own family upbringing. This difficult transit will culminate in October 2014. The trick to Saturn transits is to work through them. Disciplined structured and constructive use of time with a clear outcome in mind controls the Saturn influence.

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