Madonna is a Leo Sun sign. Leo sun signs are naturals at taking the stage and acting in an inspiring and dramatic fashion. They are also the ‘children’ of the zodiac signs, in that they always have an ability to hold onto and access their inner child and often feel like they can stay forever young. This is one of the ways Madonna has been able to stay in the limelight for so long and consistently reinvent herself. Over this next year, the planet Jupiter, associated with luck and opportunities, travels through her 11th house of friends and long-term career objectives. As Jupiter is in Cancer then, she might well be looking to expand into being more helpful and philanthropic, particularly towards groups who are focused on caring and nurturing, or creating a family, clan or tribe. Meanwhile, Saturn is in her third house of mind, thinking and communications, which will be ‘making real’ how she communicates with people close to her and friends. Saturn naturally makes boundaries and limitations, so she will get disciplined insights and focus into what she says and does – she’ll learn a few interesting lessons about being more careful. Pluto is also trining her sensitive moon in Virgo, helping her to gain a tougher outer skin to the world and increased determination to be herself and be individualistic. Pluto, when in good alignment, can help someone to survive whatever the world throws at him or her. Lastly, Neptune is gradually approaching the part of her horoscope to do with marriage and relationships. The most ‘perfect and ideal’ partner might come her way, but things won’t be quite as they seem. She might get into a spiritual teacher or guru on a deep and meaningful level, which could have quite an impact on her life.

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