Lea is a Virgo sun sign, known for being conscientious and methodical with a fine eye for detail. Virgos are also noted for their ability to be talkative, lively and precise in conversation. They are mostly practical but can over-analyze a situation, which can lead to worrying. Lea has the planet of singing, Mercury, well placed on the lucky star Regulus in confident and expressive Leo. This enhances her acting and musical career. She also has a well-placed Venus, the planet of beauty and love ,in the sign of Libra, giving her the ability to attract many good things to her. Her recent relationship with Cory Monteith was reflected in her horoscope by the transiting planet Neptune opposing her sun in Virgo (Neptune amongst other things represents drugs and addiction, and its opposition represented a relationship like what she had with Cory before he died). Now she is empowering herself with a gradual and steady build in her career, attuning to her steady ambitions, as the planets Uranus and Pluto both aspect her Mars in Capricorn in 2014/2015. This will strengthen her position overall in the world of entertainment.

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