Lady Gaga is a pioneering and conquering Aries Sun sign, the Ram, which pushes onwards as the leader in its field. This identity has been boosted throughout 2012 and into 2013 by the slow-moving planet of surprises and progressive evolution, Uranus, which is currently in Aries (and will be there until 2018). Uranus conjuncted her Sun twice in 2012 and for the last time in March 2013. Uranus adds originality and excitement to whatever it touches, helping to bring about her biggest and best world tour yet – ‘The Born This Way Ball’ starting in 2012. However, Uranus is a wild to control energy that is rebellious and also brings about unexpected disruptions – in February 2013 (just as Uranus was approaching her Sun for the last time) Lady Gaga cancelled the rest of her world tour due to a hip injury. Now circumstances have bought her back to the studio to work on a new album. The other major transit she has this year is Saturn, currently in Scorpio and conjuncting her Moon and Pluto in Scorpio. Saturn is all about work, and since Lady Gaga has Saturn in Sagittarius in her natal horoscope, she gets enthusiastic about her specialist line of work – songwriting. As Saturn crosses her Moon/Pluto she will ground any extreme emotional feelings and be able to convert what she feels into creativity.

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