Justin is a Pisces sun sign, known for their adaptability and intuitiveness. Pisceans tend to be emotion-led, sympathetic, impressionable and with powerful imagination. His Sun is placed in such a way to make him drawn towards home and family life, and possibly religion or church when he needs a sanctuary. He often finds himself getting into trouble because he has a tense Mars/Pluto aspect tied into his Ascendant; but as well as giving him a bad boy image, this also gives him immense sex appeal. His charming moon in Libra in the 11th house of his chart helps create all his ‘Belibers’ and 48 million Twitter followers. So far, he has been a teenage heartthrob, but he is maturing all the time (albeit in the spotlight). Later this year and into next year, he will begin to exercise more of his power. It is in his grasp to arouse the people to make public officials yield to their demands. He also has a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aquarius, which can make him mentally aggressive with a very sharp mind; the ability to debate and push his views across very clearly will soon be noticed. He might look sweet and innocent, but he is also a future world-changer and transformer of society. Let’s hope he uses his intuitive Piscean wisdom as he motivates the masses. Watch this space.

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