Gwyneth has a Libra Sun sign; they are known for being easy going, gregarious and considerate and have social motivation along with refinement and charm. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so pleasing others and being harmonious is a natural feature found in most Libra’s personalities. Gwyneth’s rising sign is Pisces, which is the starting point of any horoscope and tells us about her looks and the first impression she gives. Pisces ascending folk tend to be sympathetic, adaptable, ethereal and visionary. Her mystical insights allow her to penetrate the subtleties of human nature; the Pisces approach also brings artistic and musical gifts, and she has sung in several films. Looking ahead into 2014 and Gwyneth might well take on a spiritual or religious interest, which she could promote her in some way. Some specific travel looks likely (like some sort of a pilgrimage) in which she can bring back knowledge or understanding to her home base. Keeping proud and confident about her tip-top health and dietary regimen will be important for her. Her Libran mercury, which rules her marriage, is currently under duress from surprising Uranus and deeply transforming Pluto, so she is likely to be ‘keeping balance’ as best she can as those outer planets create potential turmoil. This, combined with Saturn squaring her Venus in January thru April 2014 and relationships, look to be a real testing area. Because her Venus is so well aspected in her natal chart, then it is likely she will make a success of any situation she comes across.

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