Eva is a cosmic Pisces, the sign of the deepest emotional understanding. She also happens to have 3 planets in Aquarius, the sign of progressive and futuristic concepts, and a view towards humanity and the community around her. These planets in Aquarius are beautifully aligned into two air ‘grand trines,’ which in astrology, indicates a smooth flow and harmonious interaction with different parts of the personality. Virtually all of her horoscope is linked in this way; showing how easy it has been for her to get success and establish herself in movies, modeling and business projects. Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasies, is currently making a tense aspect to her Mars in Gemini during 2013; so she shouldn’t push herself too much and should take it easy. Neptune tends to water energy down; so she should be sure to take plenty of rest and spend more time relaxing into deeper meditation, which happens to be one of her favorite pastimes.

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