Enrique is a Taurus sun sign, known for their patience and determination, with a lusty physical appetite. They tend to value stability and possessions and have strong aesthetic tastes, liking to build something secure around them. In his natal chart, Enrique has Mercury in Gemini, which gives him a quick and active mind and the ability to be a transmitter (singer) in two languages (the Gemini twins), and also Venus in Gemini, which makes him popular, flirtatious and skilled at promoting beauty, even if it is sometimes a bit superficial. He also has the Moon in Aries, which is in a testing alignment to his Saturn in Cancer. This aspect has given him difficulty in his family past and background (when he was young his parents divorced and his grandfather was kidnapped by a political group) and it is these planets that are currently being pressured to change by both Uranus and Pluto, which are pushing him to let go of old ways, transform his life and enter into a new phase. This could well be fatherhood as he is now 39 years old and has Saturn opposite his Sun from June- August 2014 and also Mercury is receiving a square from dreamy and empathic Neptune, which softens and manipulates his usual way of making decisions and thinking (a peak in August 2014).

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