Emma is an Aries sun sign, which makes her energetic and direct. She enjoys a challenge and likes to initiate the action. Her Sun falls in the 8th house of her horoscope, which indicates that she is interested in what is hidden, occult or taboo and that transformation is the key to her self-learning. She has been shaking off the Hermione character (from Harry Potter) and regenerating herself through playing more daring characters such as Nicki in the new film The Bling Ring. From mid- October thru to mid- November 2013 Saturn, planet of responsibility, commitment and older authority figures (like her father) makes a difficult alignment to her ruling planet, Mercury. Emma’s Mercury is placed so that she has a deep, inquiring mind with a focus on talking money and a business brain. The Saturn transit will test this – she might well have to read contracts carefully before signing them, and pay attention to challenging family entanglements. Because her Mercury is also connected to Pluto, an overall lesson into 2014 will be to not become too obsessed with her own money and financial ideas and relentlessly impressing them upon others. On a luckier note, she has a bounteous Jupiter return coming up in mid- July this year, which will see her offered a whole new raft of roles and place her even more prominently in the limelight as a professional actress.

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