Emma is an Aries sun sign, known for their natural daring, impulsiveness and courage and the willingness to bravely start anew. Her Sun is harmoniously aligned to her Moon in Sagittarius, which shows she has a need for freedom and craves excitement and adventure. Mars positively backs up both of these planets with plenty of zest, so she’s quite the firecracker. However, we don’t necessarily get to see that because of her Virgo ascendant, the zodiac sign of the (pure) maiden. This gives her first impression as someone practical with a discriminating edge and adds to her good looks and the luck she has with professional modeling.

This last year she’s been having a Jupiter return, which is placed in her career point of her chart and will give her plenty of luck and bounteous opportunities throughout her life. The planet Neptune is gradually approaching her Venus in Pisces, which will see her subtly influenced by her family and roots about the sort of work she’ll do in the future. An almost perfect love and relationship is likely to manifest over the next 18 months, but again it appears the ‘family past’ as an influence in her life is very present and there’s a lot to work out with them as she matures.

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