Emily is a Capricorn Sun sign, known for their ambition and hard-working attitude as well as being persevering. She also has the Moon in Pisces, which gives her the ability to be a sensitive actress and receptive to the roles she is playing. Moon in Pisces people need the space to dream, as they are full of fantasy and are highly creative – hence, acting has been such a perfect career expression for her. However, she does also require quiet seclusion, as the world can sometimes be overwhelming. Over the next couple of years, Neptune will be contacting her moon and bringing out a more compassionate and sensitive side, as she understands other peoples’ emotional difficulties. She might well develop new spiritual and artistic tendencies to express what she is experiencing and her increased involvement in charity is likely. Jupiter is opposing her Mercury and Sun in Capricorn later this year, and this might see her ‘partner up’ with someone significant to further enhance her career.

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