With four planets in majestic and proud Leo (Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus), Daniel Radcliffe is a born dramatist and actor, who loves to be admired and looked up to. It’s a natural given for him to have the world revolve around his ‘regal’ throne and focus on him is of the utmost importance. He is creative, generous and enthusiastic, as well as loyal and he can inspire confidence in others. However, the planet Saturn, currently in Scorpio, is testing this over the last two years, now with a particular focus on relationships in these next few months. Any restrictive issues around commitment and responsibility will be worked through in the first few months of 2015, but all of this is offset by bounteous and opportunistic Jupiter in Leo until July 2015, which will brighten up things for Daniel and give him a big boost, presenting irresistible projects that will carry him forwards into the next stage of his career.

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