Britney is a Sagittarius Sun sign, ‘the centaur’ that moves rapidly from one person and one idea to another, loving all. She is probably very permissive with others, but in turn expects the same treatment. Sagittarians tend to like to preserve their freedom from involvement at all costs. Looking ahead into 2014, Britney has the nebulous planet Neptune make a challenging square aspect to her Mercury, the planet of communication and thinking. (The transit peaks at beginning of March, September and the end of December.) Neptune is currently in her house of routines, work, co-workers, employees and health. She needs to avoid being fed untruths and deceptions in the work realm. It is not a good time to make important decisions because Neptune will be bringing on a lot of fantasy into what should be day-to-day situations with people she works with. She should be on her guard for those who are dishonest. Her challenge is to keep her thinking and communications straight within herself and with regard to others. However, building up to this (during this year and into 2014), sparkling and wild Uranus is making an easy flowing trine aspect to her Sun, which will encourage her to grow in consciousness and take on exciting new directions to make her more fulfilled, especially in February-April 2014.

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