Bradley is an ambitious Capricorn sun sign, and currently going through a powerful transformation, as all-or-nothing Pluto meets his sun sign in 2015 at the same time as rebellious Uranus makes a tense aspect to his sun. These two planets working together break him out of a previous existence and give him a whole new perspective to work with. Will this be lucky? In general, yes, because although he has a lot of challenging alignments in his chart, he has a very nice Sun/Jupiter aspect that essentially should keep him out of trouble. However if he does come across any big money schemes, possibly suggested and influenced by a friend, it might be advisable to stay clear. There could be entanglements in a sexual scandal as well, but with serious Saturn now in Sagittarius, hopefully he’ll think twice before getting enthusiastically involved in something. One thing to say to him: “Learn to keep boundaries!”

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