Anna is a sun sign Gemini, showing she is alert and communicative, and thrives on variety and novelty. Gemini’s are known for their strong grasp of logic, which enables them to grasp the elements of a situation or a subject quickly. Gemini rules the hands and she gained global recognition as a tennis star. Furthermore, Gemini is ‘the twins’ and she was at her best playing doubles in tennis. She also has Mercury and Venus conjunct together in the watery emotional sign of Cancer the crab. These planets together indicate an affable manner and social grace with the ability to get on with most people because of understanding the art of compromise. Anna is the sort of woman who can express her opinions with skill and color without being argumentative. One of the big questions she might be asking herself and long term boyfriend Enrique Iglesias right now is most likely to do with children and family. Even though the question may have come up many times before, the possibility is still there, especially with transiting Saturn in Scorpio currently testing her natal moon in Leo, challenging her over issues to do with home and family nurturing. Should the world continue to revolve around her (a natural Moon in Leo expression) or would creating a family be the best direction to take? With Uranus in Aries currently positively trining her natal moon, an unexpected surprise would be very welcome!

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