Angelina is a Gemini sun sign, known for their curiosity, expressive and quick-witted characteristics, as well as being dexterous and clever. However, she also has a tight focus on planets in the sign of Aries: Moon, Mars and Jupiter all clustered together closely to her MC (career and public image) point. This combination of planets brings an intensification and concentration of Aries traits: impulsivity, competitiveness, courageousness and dynamism. See why she’s known for playing adventure roles in films? As 2014 leads into 2015, these Aries planets are going to be aspected by both Uranus and Pluto, which is going to push her even more into the limelight, quite possibly ‘fighting’ for a cause. She has showed the world how much of a natural rebel she is already, and now she will push the boundaries even further, pioneering in some way as a representative of women in general (particularly November 2014 through January 2015), or in some kind of leadership role after this time. Uranus crosses her MC at the beginning of May 2015 and again in October 2015; this is when she might well direct her energies into a completely new career path, taking up residence in another country in a surprise move is also indicated.

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