Alex is an Aries sun sign, known for their ability to lead and go head first into taking the initiative. They like action and are very pro-active. However, directly opposite his sun is his moon in Libra (he was born at the full moon), which most likely tends to make him vacillate and be indecisive about how to move forwards while also keeping an emotional balance. A Sun/Moon opposition can be difficult to reconcile in holding down steady relationships. He has sobering Saturn making a tense alignment to his sun and moon as well, which is good for keeping him busy with work so he can build on his ambitions. He has dreamy and fantasy Neptune on his Venus, planet of love for the last couple of years, which can confuse but also can refine and purify a relationship. His current relationship could be total bliss, but with transiting Saturn also squaring his Mars this year, he is learning about how to slow down his desires and impulses and be more practical in reaching his goals.

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