Adam is a Pisces sun sign, known for their artistic and musical abilities, often showing gifted skills that seem to go beyond and transcend normal human experience, accessing the creative realm and bringing back imaginative and ingenious ideas and concepts. Pisces is a water sign, which works successfully well with his water Scorpio moon showing deep emotions and feelings, attracting many people towards him. This attractive magnet is further enhanced by his planet Venus in kooky Aquarius, close to his ascendant, making him irresistibly charming and sexy to those who interact with him. He appears to be someone who tries hard to get things right and serve and help others, but sometimes this can also be his undoing. With Saturn now in Sagittarius he will be learning about his style of work over the next year or two (more albums and music, promoted through touring) gradually leading towards a lesson in 2016/17 when he will experience something akin to ‘letting go,’ where he will be expected to accept responsibility for a situation that he didn’t expect to find himself in.

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