Michelle is a Cancer sun sign, ‘the crab’ that are known for their instinctive need for emotional security as well as giving emotional support to others (while seeking it themselves). They like to be a part of something, and when they feel like they belong, then they have a certain confidence and power. Since Michelle stars has starred in several Fast and Furious films, it’s no surprise to see her Mars, planet of action, in a usefully good aspect to her Sun and Jupiter. She has Venus and Saturn conjunct in her chart which is a difficult aspect to have, as it tends to make one shy, while also often testing commitment and a relating pattern where either she needs to be in control, or the partner tries to control her. This natal Venus/Saturn is currently being transited by Saturn, so these next few months of 2015 will see her coming face-to-face with some kind of relationship lesson. She is likely to make a radical and surprising change to her whole outlook on life soon, as rebellious Uranus challenges her Sun and Jupiter. This means tribal or family feelings will come to the forefront of her life.

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