Lindsay is a Cancerian ‘the crab’ sun sign, known for their emotions and intuition as well as a strong sense of personal achievement. One of the most important personality traits of Cancerians is finding themselves through establishing a home base, foundations and roots. It so happens after so many unhappy years in her home country she appears to have found a new destination where she can let go of the past and start afresh, by recently making a move to London, England. With her Italian boyfriend giving her plenty of renewed strength (transiting Pluto is in her 7th house of relationships), she is now firming up her stable and reliable moon in Taurus (Pluto is harmoniously trining her moon) with a whole new culture change. In her astro-geography she has her ‘Sun’ line crossing the UK (good for self-development and self-identification) and London itself is very nicely aligned to her Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth. Good luck Lindsay in your trans-Atlantic relocation, I’m sure England will be good for you.

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