Gisele is a watery, emotional based Cancerian, whom are known for their intuition and sensitivity — also for being innovators and having a form of leadership in that when they feel safe, no-one can stop them. The safety net for Cancerians is to create and build a solid family and home life, as well as getting a sense of belonging to something-getting in with a crowd which they feel a part of. For Gisele this is the world of modeling. Once she was “in” and accepted, she rose quickly to the top of her field, where she pretty much still is. This next year will see her take a stand for her beliefs and faith in the world. She embraces certain ideologies and will work hard to get them noticed by everybody — this will be assisted by her Jupiter return in 2015/16. Also, Pluto is crossing her ascendant, which is going to completely change her whole approach to life. She will become an authority in something, and dedicated to the cause. Nothing will stop her reaching the top — doing something that will help the world find a balance, fairness and justice.

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