Ben Affleck is a proud and generous Leo sun sign, who enjoys being demonstrative and creative (acting, scriptwriting); generally Leos are also known for being broad-minded and organized. Just earlier this year he divorced his wife of 10 years, Jennifer Garner, most likely trigged by the all-or-nothing planet Pluto crossing into the relationship part of his horoscope. It was a few years ago, but took until 2015 to happen as Saturn is currently squaring his Mars (forcing him to take action on the details) and Neptune is trining his Venus (softening the connection to his ex-wife, offering a phase of easier letting go). With retrograde Venus in Leo at the moment, and Mars also in Leo, then he’s likely to be coming to terms with the financial settlement. In general Leo’s can be seen as multi-talented, and it is most likely that once Ben feels he has exhausted what he can do in the film industry, he will quite possibly turn his attention to politics. This is likely to happen from the spring of the year 2022 onwards.

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