On Saturday, Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady caused quite the stir over his outfit choice at the 2021 Kentucky Derby. The former quarterback for the New England Patriots, Brady has played in the NFL for over 20 years.

Brady dressed to the hilt for Saturday’s Derby, showing up in a dark navy suit, a tall hat, a polka dot tie and some dark shades to top it all off.

The outfit drew comparisons to the character Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and sent Twitter fans into hysterics. One Twitter user, @Its_Miss_riss stated that Brady “be looking like he just framed Roger Rabbit and is about to open the Ark of the Covenant.”

Another user, @BlueFlameBlues put a picture of Brady and Judge Doom side by side to really show the comparison.

Another NFL star Aaron Rodgers also attended the event with his fiancée Shailene Woodley, and they also got a bit of a laugh out of their attire, with one Twitter user saying, “Aaron Rodgers looks like he’s at the Kentucky Derby to arrest Tom Brady.”

Horse Medina Spirit and jockey John Valazquez won the 2021 Derby over 19 other competitors, locking in the 7th win for trainer Bob Baffert. This win broke the world record for most Derby wins ever recorded by one trainer.

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