Seeing as how we’re at the end of the month, now would be a good time to get you all up to speed on the funniest viral videos of the month, courtesy of Vine and YouTube. These are compilation videos of internet hits that have all garnered over a million views on their own.

#1 These are the best Vines as assembled by the YouTube channel Worldoffvines which aggregates the best videos every month. In this video we have pranks, fake reactions, and unfortunate consequences.


#2 Part 2 utilizes passive aggressive animals, cross-dressing, and acting that you do not ordinarily see outside of a middle school rendition of Hamlet.


#3 Part 3 comes from Weekly Vine Compilations, this one right on time for Thanksgiving. We have nerf gun shootouts that have better choreography than any Michael Bay action piece, film parodies and Kanye West





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