Directed by Benjamin Dickinson, First Winter revolves around a hipster's worst nightmare. After a major blackout, a group of Brooklynites are left stranded in a country house with no electricity, running water, or cell service (they can’t even tweet their woes!). The unlucky urbanites have to hunt for food, chop their own firewood and live completely off the grid. They have gone from cigarette smoking, Urban Outfitters frequenters, to hunter-gatherers.

Dickinson said the film is not only about survival, but self-discovery. “The movie at its core is really a spiritual exploration," he said on the film's Kickstarter page. "As the distractions of modern of life are replaced by the routine simplicity of living off the land, the friends gradually evolve out of their neurotic fixations into a more quiet, contemplative state of being.”


Watch the trailer here: