Perhaps all the recent love for Marilyn Monroe and old school cinema rubbed off on this year's Oscars fashion because the hourglass figure and Old Hollywood made quite the comeback at the 84th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday.

You can feel free to get Beyoncé’s trainer on the phone and stop by your nearest Krispy Kreme because, ladies, you need to start filling your dresses. Let Rose Byrne and Rooney Mara look like they just survived the Hunger Games, because Octavia Spencer, Glen Close, Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis, Milla Jovovich, Cameron Diaz, Maya Rudolph and Stacy Keibler all demonstrated that curves can be a girl’s best friend — that is, unless one is choosing between curves and diamonds.

Grace Kelly’s princess couture was alive and well in Natalie Portman’s 1954 vintage Dior and Penelope Cruz’s Armani Privé, while Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany’s up-do was invoked by Lopez, Tina Fey and Shailene Woodley.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow overcame her willowy frame (thank you, Tom Ford!) to create a fashion forward, old-Hollywood look whose sartorial elegance seemed effortless.

Here are a few stand-out trends, for better of worse.

1. Flashy flashy. JLo, Paltrow and Jovovich stunned us with the brilliance of white and a potential nipple malfunction.

2. It isn't easy being green. Davis got green right with emerald, but Berenice Bejo's pukey color sadly did not.

3. A leg up. Angelina Jolie’s leg who proved that a slit can be too high – especially when it becomes the only way to sell the dress.

4. Wrestling with an image. Keibler got gold right despite looking like a giant rose as she nearly dwarfed her date George Clooney.

5. Quite the match. And, finally, Meryl-“why her?”-Streep who showed up to the Oscars dressed as an Oscar! But who really cares about fashion when you win?