Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn), a former Presidential hopeful, said that America “isn’t ready for a woman president” in an interview discussing Hillary Clinton’s possible run for President in 2016.

When asked how a Republican could beat Clinton in a Presidential race, Bachmann wasted no time in pointing to Benghazi, an event she frequently brings up on her Twitter feed, and the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Bachmann theorizes that Clinton as president “would be Obama’s third and fourth term in office.”

“If a person reads the Senate Intelligence [Committee] report and the House Foreign Affairs [Committee] report released [last] week, it is damning for Hillary Clinton,” Bachmann added.

Bachmann says that she is confident that the American people won’t be seduced by the idea of electing the first female president, as she believes they were at the thought of electing the first African American president.

“I think there was a cachet about having an African-American president because of guilt. People don’t hold guilt for a woman,” Bachmann said.

With this short statement, Bachmann suggested that President Obama was elected because of white guilt and because of his race, not his policies. Furthermore, Bachmann proposes that gender would simply not have a similar effect of appealing to the public's guilt for past and present discrimination.

Bachmann emphasizes her claim, saying, “I don’t think there is a pent-up desire [for a female president].”

Bachmann’s comments are sure to ignite controversy, especially considering she was a presidential candidate in 2012 after becoming a household name in 2011 with her strange GOP response to the State of the Union.

Bachmann may believe that the people of the United States are not ready for a female president, but whether or not Bachmann believes that a woman can be president is another matter. What is clear is that Bachmann does not want Hillary Clinton to be the next president. In September of 2013, Bachmann encouraged the public to pray that Clinton not be elected.

“If we repent, if we cry out to God, we have no idea what the Lord God will do for us in 2016,” Bachmann said while discussing the chances of defeating Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has yet to comment on the story.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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