Luke Hemsworth, elder brother of blockbuster star Chris Hemsworth and heartthrob Liam Hemsworth, is ready to take his place on the big screen with his first movie role in The Reckoning, and three other films in the works.

Luke, 32, has been acting steadily since 2003, appearing on television shows and famous Australian soaps, such as Neighbours, which his two younger brothers also appeared on – Chris, 30, was a guest-star on one episode in 2002 before landing a spot as a regular on another soap, Home and Away, and Liam, 23, regularly appeared on Neighbours from 2007-2008.

Luke was the first Hemsworth brother to get bitten by the acting bug, but he was also the first to take a break from acting. After two guest-stints on Neighbours, Luke became “disillusioned” with the entertainment business and started a timber-flooring business. He even employed his two younger brothers.

Recently, Luke has delved back into acting more permanently. In 2012, he starred in an Australian mini series, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, based on a true story of a biker gang feud in Australia.

Now married to wife Samantha since 2007 with three young daughters named Holly, Ella and Harper, all under the age of six, Luke’s acting career is taking off. He just wrapped on Kill Me Three Times, an upcoming thriller co-staring Teresa Palmer and Simon Pegg, and also has a film with Ian Somerhalder, The Anomaly, in the works.

Last year, he even teased about a possible move to Los Angeles to join his brothers when he signed with Roar Management, the same management group that works with his brothers.

As of now, Luke is the only Hemsworth without a blockbuster franchise under his belt (Chris stars as thte titular superhero in the Thor series, and Liam co-stars in The Hunger Games), but all three share the same strapping, Hollywood hunk physique and bright blue eyes. Luke even joked about his large size when talking about his past as a football player growing up.

“I was all ridiculously oversized calves and thighs and biceps and head. My head is massive. My head is like off the charts,” he joked.

Similar to his brothers, Luke has a reputation of being gracious and professional on set. According to The Reckoning director John V. Soto, it was not uncommon for Luke to treat the entire cast and crew to coffee.

“He would use his own money to buy coffees for everyone. He did it just about every day. All of a sudden, a van would roll up and Luke [had] organized free coffees,” Soto told the New York Post.

The Hemsworth brothers, who recently appeared together at the Toronto premiere of Rush, have always been competitive, but Chris recently said that they are always supporting each other, no matter what.

“All of us understand the frailty and inconsistency of the work, so we help each other with auditions, and always have, and whatever scripts we’re working on,” Chris said according to the New York Post.

The support also came with a side of playful fighting amongst brothers, something Liam has said there was a lot of in the Hemsworth household growing up.

That kind of brotherly competitiveness helped Luke get in shape for his role in The Reckoning – he reportedly received work out tips from his brother, Chris, who has to keep up a tough workout for his leading role in Thor. And, in a 2012 interview, Luke admitted that he and Chris, who recently welcomed his first child with wife Elsa Pataky, are even competitive when it comes to fatherhood.

“As a parent you go through a whole lot of really tough things, and you kind of want other parents to experience those tough things as payback – especially when it’s your brother. You need them to be awake half the night and realize all the complaining that I’ve done over the years about getting no sleep and having to deal with all the trials and tribulations. I actually try to give him as little advice as possible. Or lead him in the wrong direction – that’s a lot of fun too,” Luke told EW.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong