'Game of Thrones' executive producer David Benioff was wary of the giants being too big or too small

Game of Thrones' season 3 premiere offered the first look of the mythical world’s giants, adding to their dragons, direwolves and White Walkers.

Giants were part of George R. R. Martin’s Fire and Ice novels, where they’ve lived in the Northern land among the Wildlings. However, fans were doubtful that Game of Thrones would offer such an early glimpse of the large creatures, as they don’t play a prominent role until a bit later in the story.

The People of Unusual Size, the giants, are just another in a growing list of costly special effects taken on by the adventurous HBO series. Executive producer David Benioff revealed that creating the giant seen on Sunday night’s show was no easy task – especially since they wanted it to fit seamlessly into the Game of Thrones narrative and world.

“We have a great prosthetics guy, Connor [O'Sullivan], who came up with a great face; Michele [Clapton] our costume designer had a great costume, and then the visual effects team went to work,” executive producer Benioff told Entertainment Weekly. “It seemed organic to our world. The giant felt like it belonged in Mance’s camp and fit in. At the same time, he’s a giant — he’s supposed to stand out. If he’s too small, or if he was too tall of a giant, it wouldn’t work. It was a lot of people working a long time to get it right.”

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