Dermot Mulroney has declined to cover up his scar throughout his 30 years in the entertainment industry, and has recently explained how he got it.

Dermot Mulroney's Scar

"It was a long time ago, so I've always had it," Mulroney admitted to the The Chicago Sun-Times Sunday magazine Splash. Mulroney, 50, vividly remembers the freak accident that happened when he hadn’t even turned four yet.

"I was three-and-a-half, and I was carrying a dish for our pet rabbits,” he told Splash. “And I tripped and it broke, and I fell on it. I definitely remember that day, even though I was three years old."

For Mulroney, the scar is just as much a part of him as anything else. It’s something that’s there that he’s never had any intention of ridding himself of for the purposes of vanity. At the end of the day, it’s not of much concern to the actor.

"I don't think about it or see it, but it's always been there," Mulroney said. "It certainly has its place on my face, right below my right nostril. That's where it belongs."

Mulroney Back Filming In Chicago

Mulroney, still probably best known for starring opposite Julia Roberts in 1997’s My Best Friend’s Wedding, has lately been filming new TV series Crisis in Chicago – the same city in which he filmed the iconic rom-com.

"Coming back here to shoot, I'll go by a stairway to an L where I know we shot a scene, or by a nightclub where we filmed,” revealed the nostalgic actor. “I'm always happening upon these locations that I shot 16, 17 years ago, and I remember them like it was yesterday."

Mulroney, who teamed up with Roberts again for the Oscar-nominated August: Osage County, stars as ex-CIA analyst Francis Gibson in Crisis. The series, which also stars Gillian Anderson, Rachel Taylor, and Lance Gross, airs on NBC Sundays at 10/9c. It premiered this past weekend.

– Chelsea Regan

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