She’s the 8-year-old co-star of Eddie Murphy‘s new comedy Imagine That. Yara Shahidi takes questions from young users of


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Q: How did you get such an important role? - Mateo, Washington, D.C. - Uinterview User

Well it's almost like auditioning for a commercial except for instead of getting called in two times or three times, you're getting called in 12 times or 13 times.

Q: What was your funniest moment on Imagine That? - Max, California - Uinterview User

I loved the whole thing but my funnest moment would be making pancakes. I got to make this huge mess, I actually got to flip thepan cakes, and I get to burn them on purpose.

Q: What was it like working with Eddie Murphy? Did he make you laugh a lot? - Max, California - Uinterview User

Oh yeah, he really made me laugh a lot. Right when they say action he had just cracked a joke so I'm [holds in laughter] 'Can't. Laugh.