Team USA Olympic figure skater Madison Hubbell had to prepare for the Olympic Games with partner Zachary Donohue while also dealing with the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

“We usually spend all of our time together and with how strict everything was here we really did a lot of virtual training,” she said. “Even between the two of us, there wasn’t really an opportunity or the reason to get together because we weren’t really supposed to be socializing outdoors.”

While the pandemic closed many doors, it also managed to open a few as the pair took the time to explore interests outside of skating.

“The thing that struck me was I’ve always known [Donohue]’s a hard-working person, and creative, and very capable but I don’t know that he always knew that about himself and I saw a lot of growth in that he was able to say what he wanted, communicate what he wanted, and follow through with that plan,” she said. “I can be a little bit of a taskmaster on the ice and be the one that feels like I’m driving the ship sometimes but it was really nice to see him in his own life just take charge and show up for himself in a new way.”

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