Two-time Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson will be returning to the Beijing Olympic Games to compete on Team USA’s snowboarding team.

Anderson would like to win her third gold medal, but won’t let the pressure of that potential accomplishment get in the way of her performance.

“I think deep down, of course, everyone going there wants to win and do their best,” she said. “For me to win three gold medals would be absolutely insane, I would feel like just so grateful.”

Anderson is impressed by the next generation of athletes who are beginning to take over the sport.

“It’s so cool to see the younger girls I’m competing with now that are 10-15 years below me, just handling it, throwing down, learning new tricks that scare the —- out of me, but it’s really impressive and it’s really inspiring so I’m just thankful to see how far this sport has come,” she said.

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